Agua Alma warm-water aquatic body therapy sends a spiraling flow of waves and stretches through the body which all connect together like a dance. Supported by floats, the practitioner's arms and the natural buoyancy and momentum of the water, this context is the ultimate medium for three-dimensional freedom of body movement.

It is excellent to assist neuromuscular rehabilitation.  Some use this work for deep relaxation or to amplify creativity.  Often, the ingredients of this work lead to an experience of awareness of the web-of-life, of the interconnection of all life forms -- or a soul (alma in Spanish) experience. The range of experience varies and is highly individual.

To schedule an appointment or for more info, contact Zia at 303-530-1415 or ziaparker(at)yahoo(dat)com.
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The Agua Alma work is effective for:

release of neuromuscular tension/ balancing body structure
trauma and head injuries
unreasonable fear of water
hyperactivity, anxiety & panic issues, insomnia
easing the stresses of pregnancy
exploration of consciousness, and
wholeness and creativity

To support these experiences, we use these means:

Four basic types of sessions to  help meet individual needs.  The specialized sessions: East~Structural Balance, West~Calming Trauma, North~Centering/Purpose, South~Playfulness correlate with the four elements of Air, Water, Earth and Fire to bridge to the collaborative potential within Nature's healing forces for clinical application and personal growth.

Here are several video examples of the East Structural Balance Assessment, East Session ,South Session, West Session and North Session on YouTube.

Influence of the Aston-Patterning model. One of the most comprehensive and refined whole-system methodologies for balancing the complex, dynamic functional and structural patterns of the human body.

Underwater Work. Submerge... take a dive down under... to deepen the experience.

Focus to connect with the receiver's soul-essence and allow this connection to inform and direct the session. Intention to connect with the experiential level of soul-essence is supported by the soul-work methodology of David LaChapelle.

Water as a healer:

Water has been used from time immemorial for healing. Water heals or sustains life in many forms: dewdrops, raindrops, a morning splash on the face, a cool drink ...water...consistent persistent designer of natural wonders, home to multitudinous forms of life, basic necessity, magical elixir, source of life.

Water is the fundamental healer in the Agua Alma work. The practitioner is the bridge for the healing effects of the water.

The ingredients of the Agua Alma work--the non-cognitive, womb-like fluidity of non-functional passive movements tends to take us beyond the usual parameters of our normal waking reality. The range of experiences are highly individual. Some have a wonderful somatic adventure, feeling as if they were a skilled gymnast or dancer. For others, the reward of regaining tiny incremental movement after injury is enormous.

Many experience a state of profound inner depth and stillness.  The waterwork environment helps us shift out of the dominance of the cognitive processes, calling all the parts of us into presence, into a state of interconnection with all things -- a place that is at once highly personal, yet universal. This soul-level experience of "oneness" supports healing on a personal level, and also cultivates the awareness, caring, and inner knowing that helps to inform priorities and lifestyle choices of sustainability for our Planet.

Some comments from recipients:

"Agua Alma has been such a gift in helping me recovery freedom in my body. This work helps me feel more solid; improved range of motion, and is helping me regain territory lost to paralysis from the extreme surgery I had."--after 7-vertebral laminectomy spinal surgery) to remove spinal tumor
"This work helps me dip deeply into the source of joy, and that helps me stay on purpose and focused. -- an artist
"This work has been profoundly helpful in recovery from brain injury from my car accident--it's like it helps me find the puzzle pieces of my memory and cognitive function, and put them into place." --graduate student
"I've never experienced such a profound sense of flight, even when I was in my best form."-- 80 year old former ballet dancer in the American Ballet Theater
"I traveled to an ancient time as a Cetacean-like creature, swimming and playing in a pod" --35 year old computer engineer
"I received a very strong visit from an honey-guide bird, an African bird that actually guides you to honey-combs...but this experience was the honey!" -- a S. African homeopathy practitioner
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Zia Parker, therapist: Zia has had the opportunity to teach and learn in many cultures in many parts of the world over three decades. Aston-Patterning has been the mainstay of her career, which has provided enormous help in regaining her freedom from polio -- and which she continues to find an inspiration. She has many other influences in movement studies and dance, including: Emilie Conrad's Continuum, Feldenkrais, Gabrielle Roth's Five Rhythm work, Contact Improvisation, the Cherokee Dance to the Four Directions, as taught by Dyhani Ywahoo, and as a youth -- gymnastics. Part dolphin, part otter, Zia has developed Agua Alma from her rich background of exploration of the fascinating interconnection of Body, Mind, Spirit and Earth. Full Bio > Resume >

To schedule an appointment or for more info, contact Zia at 303-530-1415 or ziaparker(at)yahoo(dat)com.
Please shower before receiving a treatment. Showering at your home is preferred.