~~~ Agua Alma Training ~~~

Agua Alma training supports the trainee to enter into a partnership with water, allowing the basic characteristics of water; such as flow, current, buoyancy and adaptability to support the work. These are qualities of water which each trainee meets on their own terms and develops relationship with.

The connection with water becomes the gateway to deepen one?s understanding and relationship with the elements of air, earth, fire and Self. The training kindles these bonds through direct personal experiences in Nature and in the pool and through sharing with each other. Some theoretical/cognitive material is presented, but direct personal experience is the primary teaching avenue.

Various movement studies, focusing practices, and wisdom traditions shape the interface between client, practitioner, and the basic elements.

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For more info call Zia at 303.530.1415 or ziaparker(at)yahoo(dat)com.

Aspects of the training:

  • Learning a vocabulary of water-moves, starting with simple moves and graduating toward more complex moves, and their appropriate application.

  • Agua Alma has four basic sessions which correspond with the Four Directions and the Elements. In the training, we work to develop personal relationship with these, as gateways to invite the healing forces of Nature to enter the work. Developing relationship with the Directions and Elements in this way opens the bridge from personal to planetary healing. As we open to the medicine of the Elements, we open ourselves to a relationship of reciprocity with the Earth.

    Check out these video examples of the East Structural Balance Assessment, East Session ,South Session, West Session and North Session on YouTube.

  • Learning basic movement principles of Aston-Patterning®.

  • Movement studies to inspire the improvisation of the water work -- such as Continuum, Contact Improv, Five Rythym Work and the Cherokee Dance to the Four Directions.

  • Water-moon ceremony to initiate each training segment.

Class size is four to six participants. The setting and the interests within the group also flavor each training. It is possible to deepen the training by gathering a group of 4-6 trainees that share your special interests.

Agua Alma applications:

Training is appropriate for:

  • therapists, including: physical & occupational therapists; massage therapists & bodyworkers; psychotherapists, including trauma and head injury specialists

  • those seeking a first step into the health professions

  • those seeking personal growth and/or to acquire a beautiful gift to give to others

Possibilities for special group focus:

  • dynamic body mechanics/structural balance

  • expressive movement/somatic adventure

  • plant and animal spirit medicine

  • Agua Alma Solo work

Training schedule:

See the schedule of upcoming trainings on the calendar page at ziaparker.com/calendar.html.

How to register:

To register for upcoming classes, call Zia Parker. Entire course fee due by the starting date of the first class segment. If you have questions, please call Zia at 303-530-1415.

Sliding scale or payment plans available when appropriate. Please inquire if needed.

Certification requirements:

  • Completion of a written exam.

  • Each trainee will give 21 Agua Alma sessions, documented with notes.

  • Each trainee will receive 12 aquatic bodywork sessions, 8 of these to be Agua Alma sessions.

  • Each trainee will give a session to Zia.
Agua Alma Exploration and The Plunge classes comprise the full certification course. This course is Colorado state certified through affiliation with Healing Spirits Massage School. NCBTMB approved for CEUs.

Suggested reading (not required):

All the articles on Aston-Patterning® on "www.astonpatterning.com, www.ziaparker.com, www.upledger.com (under Aston-Patterning®)

"Waking the Tiger", Peter Levine--landmark work on author's trauma work, "Somatic Experiencing"

"The Body Bears the Burden", Robert Scaer--deeper into the neuro-psysiology of Peter Levine's work

"The Dreaming Body", Arnold Mindell--landmark book of pioneering "process-oriented" therapy of Mindell, establishing multi-dimensional approach to match our multi-dimensional selves

"Instinct for Freedom", Alan Clements--Theraveda Buddhism and beyond ...to individuality as map to personal freedom

"Daughters of Copper Woman", Anne Cameron--ancient indigenous wisdom

"Of Water and Spirit", Malidoma Patrice Some, Western scholar and African shaman's account of the important role of water in bridging wide spans of consciousness

"Living Water", OlofAlexandersson--views of Austrian naturalist and inventor on the essential characteristics of water relative to current environmental energy issues in our technological age

"The Chalice and the Blade", Riane Eisler--landmark book regarding pre-modern age of cooperation and peace, now recognized as the "Goddess culture"

"Plant Spirit Medicine", Eliot Cowan--reports of exceptional experiences working with shamanic traditions to access healing power of plants as energy medicine

"Talking with Nature", "Journeying into Nature", Michael Roads--reports on refined communications with nature

Suggested classes: (not required)
Aston® Therapeutics I, Three Day Intensive See Calendar

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Founder of Agua Alma.