Aquatic bodywork is valued by pregnant women for several reasons. Foremost of these is the freedom of movement it provides. The body-temperature water is perfect for supporting homeostasis of body temperature. The feeling of weightlessness provided by the buoyancy is a welcome relief. Women report the experience gives them a sense of being held in the womb themselves. This is a wonderful psychological support for coming into the mother role and the rapid transformational processes of pregnancy, both emotional and physical.

Women in their first trimester may be drawn to waterwork, although problems with nausea may make it unappealing. It is especially helpful in the last 4-6 weeks to help discover nuances of space and mobility within the three-dimensional bouyancy, that may go un-accessed otherwise.

Agua Alma brings the stations of the four-directions to the work to help individualize the experience. Although the nurturing and slow-paced "West" session is most commonly visited by pregnant women, all the other directions are possible, even in late stage pregnancy, within an abreviated range of motion.

The soul-focus of Agua Alma can provide a beautiful context for bridging on a soul-level from mother to child.