Perceptions of Wholeness

The perception of one's wholeness is gently caressed by the sensation of floating in temperature-friendly water. The water touches you everywhere. The experience carries an innate, potent, yet oh-so-gentle reminder of wholeness. For many, the perception of the wholeness of the body transfers to refresh the memory of the connection of the larger wholeness... of all humanity...of all things. Again, we have the paradox of the experience of individual uniqueness bridging to the larger universal wholeness or 'oneness".

In the ethnic and political strife that now rocks our planet, it is clear that the illusion of separation has grown deep. The perceived differences in spiritual beliefs have grown to monumental proportions. The truth of interconnection of all beings is so often forgotten.

Yet, support from the realm of the non-physical is a commonality amongst all spiritual and religious paths. It has been totally fascinating to me to see how people from very different belief systems, different walks of life, different parts of the world have had a plethora of different inner imagery in this work. Be it guardian angels, arch-angels, devas, deities, plant and animal spirits, Buddha nature and so on---this realm that is beyond the physical is a place where humanity can find unity. This type of crossing of cultural bridges is one avenue in which "Agua Alma" supports "wholeness".