Neuromuscular symptoms and structural balance/Aston-Patterning®

Body-temperature water is the ultimate medium for the body to fully express it's three-dimensional freedom of movement.

Aston-Patterning® is among the most progressive and comprehensive alternative therapies available for neuromuscular and structural/functional-related problems and their relationships to the psyche. Zia brings two decades of experience as an Aston® Patterner to her waterwork. One of the signatures of the Aston® work is its acknowledgement of the 3-D spiraling patterns that are natural to human structure and movement, but often squelched by linear influences in design and thought patterns. The body-temperature water can help the body to reclaim its flowing, spiraling nature. In the Aston® model, the process of balancing each person's unique body structure to their individual
needs is highly refined. Also see: